The Niagara County Jail



The Niagara County Jail is fully dedicated to the citizens of this community in its efforts to provide and maintain a safe and secured facility in which to lawfully detain and house inmates. The Niagara County Jail fully recognizes its responsibility to the citizens of this community to operate this facility in the most cost-effective manner possible.


The Niagara County Jail deems that the purpose of this facility is to lawfully detain individuals charged in the violation of Federal, State and all applicable laws. All inmates entrusted to its care will be treated fairly and justly without regard to their race, gender, religion, or age. The health, safety and well-being of these individuals will be maintained by providing a nutritional diet, adequate medical care, and various life skills development opportunities.

The Niagara County Jail is committed to maintaining a professional and well-trained correctional staff which will uphold the State and U.S. Constitution, and comply with the Minimum Standards set forth by the New York State Commission of Corrections. The Niagara County Jail recognizes that the correctional staff is a critical component in the safe and efficient operation of the facility and in accomplishing its objectives. The correctional staff will effectively operate this facility in a manner which will ensure the highest level of security. This will be accomplished by adhering to proper supervision of inmates, security management, and facility control. The Niagara County Jail is committed to providing its staff with the necessary resources needed to perform their duties.

 Intake, Transfer & Release

 Each inmate, after being processed, shall enter our Reception Housing area. Inmates shall be detained in Reception Housing until they are classified and a health history and physical exam are completed.

While being detained in Reception Housing, each inmate is evaluated by the Reception Housing Officer and classified by the Classification Officer.


After the booking procedure is completed, all inmates will are issued an identification bracelet. This bracelet contains the inmate's identifying information. The bracelet remains on the inmate's left wrist until such time they are released from the Niagara County Jail.


Control Center

The basic housing floor incorporates four separate 56-cell direct supervision housing pods arranged around a unit control center, permitting observation of inmate outdoor recreation activity from two separate security positions, limiting staff requirements and minimizing operational costs. The new facility is connected to the existing jail on the ground floor and second level, yet still separates inmate and staff/service functions. The new addition will harmonize with the existing building mass, height and color.