K-9 Division 


The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office Canine Division was established in March 1998 with a single canine team and was supplemented by Special Deputies with man trailing bloodhounds.  A second canine was added in 2005 and a third in 2013 due to the over whelming success and increased calls for canine service. The canine division can cover a multitude of tasks which include narcotic detection, tracking, explosive detection, criminal apprehension, man trailing, article searches, maritime and tactical operations. All the full time canines and their handler have completed a rigorous and thorough training program through the State of New York – Bureau of Municipal Police. The bloodhounds are certified through the National Police Bloodhound Association


The Canine Division primarily supports the patrol division, however, the canine teams are frequently called to participate in special operations including: high risk service calls, narcotics operations, crowd control, dignitary protection, interdiction operations and any other situation where a police dog would assist in officer and public safety while apprehending dangerous criminals, locating illicit drugs or locating missing children.

Our unit frequently participates in demonstrations to the public. If your school, church or civic organization is interested in finding out how to set up a demonstration with the NCSO K9 team please feel free to contact us through the information provided at the bottom-right of the web page.

Read About Our Current K-9 Unit

K-9 Vedder was born in Slovakia in December of 2010 and has been a member of the Sheriff’s Office since March, 2012. Vedder and his partner, Deputy Sean Furey completed training in area searches, tracking, criminal apprehension, building searches, office protection, crowd control and explosive detection. Vedder was named after the lead singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder whom K-9 Vedder also shares a birthday with. Vedder is the first full time explosives detection K-9 for the Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Sean Furey is in his eighteenth year with the Sheriff’s Office and has worked with the K-9 unit for five.

K-9 Taz is a Belgian Malinois/ German Shepard mix and was born December of 2010 in Hungary. Taz joined the Sheriff’s Office in February 2012 and was chosen by Craig Beiter. He later was transferred to Lieutenant Jim Hildreth. He is certified in patrol work, tracking and drug detection. Taz was picked to continue the work of K-9 Rocky who passed away in the line of duty.  Lieutenant Jim Hildreth is in his 27th year at the Sheriff’s Office and has been working with the K-9 unit for over 13 years, six years as a lieutenant.

K-9 EJ was born September, 2015 in Hungary and started his career with the unit in March 2017. EJ and his partner Deputy Bull are now certified in criminal apprehension, area searches, building searches, tactical high-risk development, tracking, and advanced narcotics detection. EJ was named in honor of LCpl Eric James “ODogg” Orlowski, United States Marine, killed in action on March 22, 2003 in Iraq. Deputy Rich Bull is in his ninth year with the Sheriff’s Office and has worked with the K-9 unit for six, being officially selected in February of 2017.

K-9 Special Forces

The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit is proud to have two active bloodhounds on its team. Trace, currently three years old, was born is his handler’s home and was certified in 2016. At eight years old, JJ is the unit’s oldest K-9 and is second generation from the unit’s now retired bloodhound, Dozer. JJ was named in honor of the late Sgt. Jeff Juron. Both have been certified by the National Police Bloodhound Association and specialize in manhunting, making them extremely useful for criminal investigations and locating of missing persons. Special Deputy Joe Moll, both JJ and Trace’s handler has an impressive twelve years with the unit and is the only sole owner in the country of two certified bloodhounds.