Criminal Investigation Bureau 


The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) is made up of criminal investigators and one supervisor. The Division conducts investigations into crimes committed by juveniles as well as adults.  Investigators are trained to handle all crimes with a specific emphasis on intervention to stop any further criminal activity for juvenile related crimes. The investigators work closely with Family Court and Youth Agencies to redirect the juvenile offender to a more productive and socially acceptable outcome.


The Criminal Investigation Bureau handles many adult-type crimes from homicides to larcenies. The Division uses both a proactive and reactive approach to these investigations. Investigators uses old fashion police techniques and a high-tech approach to criminal investigations. The Division works closely with the other Niagara County Law Enforcement agencies, the New York State Police and all Federal law enforcement agencies. The Bureau understands the need for a very diverse approach to criminal investigations. This is why an investigator is assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and another investigator is assigned to the Violent Crimes Against Children Task Force.  In addition, a specially trained Deputy Sheriff is assigned the Regional Computer Forensic Lab, assisting in examining and recovering digital evidence from computers, laptops, cell phone and other electronic devices.   


With a proven track record of professionalism and success, the Criminal Investigation Bureau continues to strive to protect the citizens of Niagara County.


To contact the Criminal Investigation Bureau:

Telephone: (716) 438-3327 - Fax (716) 438-3401

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