" TRIAD - Crime & The Elderly "


AARP Criminal Justice Services - International Associations of Chiefs of Police - National Sheriffs' Association

What is TRIAD?

A local Triad consists of the sheriff, police chiefs and older or retired leaders in the community who agree to work together to reduce criminal victimization of the elderly. Important to each Triad is an advisory council of law enforcement leaders and older persons which serves as a sounding board, information channel and catalyst for renewing emphasis on reducing crimes against the elderly - together.

What do Triads do?

    1    Educate: sponsor crime and victim/witness programs for older persons.

    2    Assist: recruit and train volunteers to assist the police and sheriff's departments.

    3    Empathize: staff reassurance programs for older persons to reduce fear and provide moral support.

    4    Communicate: provide a forum for law enforcement and the community to share needs and concerns - and develop solutions.

    5    Involve: bring seniors and law enforcement together to develop community-wide solutions.

What can result?

    1    Reduced criminal victimization of older persons.

    2    Improved quality of life for older residents of the community.

    3    Greater involvement of the community in implementing solutions.

    4    Focused attention to the crime-related needs and concerns of older persons.

    5    Enhanced delivery of law enforcement services to the elderly.

Each Triad responds to the unique needs of its community and population. Triads in place on the state and local level are already making a difference. You can be part of this initiative now!