Community Services 


The Community Services Division at the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office was established in October of 1985. This unit coordinates speaking engagements, displays and other community presentations. Crime prevention is the principle element of the program, such as home and personal security, Neighborhood Watch, conflict resolution, alcohol and drug awareness through the Niagara County Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.RE.) program. Other programs on traffic safety and speaking engagements on law enforcement careers and Sheriff’s Office functions are also presented. These opportunities allow the Sheriff’s Office to not only educate the public, but to meet the public in a neutral setting to help people see officers in a positive light.

The senior citizen crime prevention program “TRIAD” was created in Niagara County. Coordination with all the local police departments to initiate this program, along with the Council on Aging/Senior Advisory Committee created a S.A.L.T. Committee (Seniors and Lawmen Together). This committee is responsible for overseeing the senior program for the county and for recommending programs and activities for crime prevention.


Neighborhood Watch Programs are presented to communities to help educate citizens on how to better protect themselves and report crimes. The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with Nextdoor to help facilitate a virtual neighborhood watch program. This program is intended to help foster neighbor-to-neighbor communications.

Nextdoor is free for the residences of Niagara County and each neighborhood can have their own defined private neighborhood social media website. The Sheriff’s Office utilizes this avenue to help disseminate crime and safety tips to those registered on Nextdoor.  For more information on Nextdoor, you can visit their website at


The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office Community Services Division is coordinated by Lt. Robert Richards. The Community Services Division can be contacted by calling (716) 438-3310 or through email at